The Barns are Disappearing

Old Farmhouse

Mail’s Here

So much age, history, and detail in these old mailboxes.   Love em.

Old Ford Pickup

A classic.   Love the color

Can’t Leave Out The Mustang

1963 Chevy

Classic ’57 Chevy

Robin-Egg Blue

1969 Chevy Camaro SS

Another Classic


Better in Black and White


I love “finding” these gems as I’m driving around…

Factory Finis

Here Comes the Rain

No Longer Serving Dinner

Dilapidated Distress

Icy Drop

Weekend ice storm. Such a great photo opp.

Weekend Ice Storm

Didn’t get the snow accumulation they were calling for, but I still got out for some great shots.

4 for 4

Icy Memorial

Ice Droplets

Such minute details in every drop. 


Ice, Ice, Baby…

We had a nice little ice/snow storm hit us last night into this morning.  

Black & White Forest

Haunted Skies

Just playing around with some filters here.  

When You Know The Story

Stories Behind The Songs

NoDa District

Just north of Charlotte is the NoDa (North Davidson) district.   Neat cultural area with a lot of eclectic restaurants and art shops.

Next Up: Christmas

The town I live in has already started the annual Christmas decorating.   It’s a slow start.   Soon  the whole town will be adorned in festive ribbons, bows, and lights.   (I… Continue reading

Colorful Itchy-Bombs

We used to have millions of these (it seems) out on the schoolyard playground.   Couldn’t NOT run over them as we played “Tag” or the other variety of games we played as… Continue reading

Foxhill Park

I visit this park EVERY TIME I go back home to visit my family.   This bridge has so much history and many fond memories for me.  

Leaf-less… (Almost)

Ducks on the Pond

Autumn at its most colorful

Autumn Berries

Early morning on the catawba

So serene.  

The Catawba River

Dam it!

Hackney Wagons

Pretty big, back in the day here in NC

Deadly Drop-Off

Scenic, but deadly.   Watch your footing.   People have slipped and died.    

Elk River Falls, NC

Just shy of the Tennessee/NC border lies this gem.

Upper Creek Falls in Newland, NC

Gorgeous day for a hike with my 2 kids.   What a treat to visit Upper Creek Falls.   Simply breathtaking views.

Western Carolina Mountains

Took the kids on a photo excursion to the mountains of NC.   What a gorgeous day for it. Pictured here is Brown Mountain Overlook which was on the way toward Elk River… Continue reading


Autumn in the South

Might be my favorite shot I’ve gotten this Autumn.

Lake Wylie on a Crisp Autumn Morning

Love the blue of the sky here.   Gorgeous morning. 

The Reflection

Shot I took this morning of a reflection off a creek.  I flipped the image.

Autumnal Awesomeness

Just a few shots I got while out hiking today.

Indianapolis Skyline

Cool city.  I enjoyed my visit there.

Scary Trees

Wizard of Oz scary…


Stumbled across a graveyard from the late 1700’s to early 1800’s today.   Old headstones.   I treat graveyards like a history lesson.   They fascinate me.

Autumn’s Arrival

My favorite time of the year…   Where’s my camera?

A Clunker

I was out and about last weekend and stumbled across this gem.    

It’s Autumn. Bring on the Mums

Crazy Signs

Love visiting a city for the 1st time and finding the different signs around town.  

Indy Skyline

So I’m traveling for work.  Indianapolis this time around.   Never been.   On a good note, the drummer in my band of many years ago lives here, so we are gonna hang… Continue reading

The Basketball Barn

Circa 1999.   Hard to believe digital cameras have been around that long.   Been shooting since I was a kid, but this was my first digital camera.   A Ricoh swivel model.… Continue reading

Late Autumn Afternoon


I remember as a kid, my Dad would take me and my siblings to go collect cattails.   We’d dry them in the attic and then light them (slow burn) which supposedly kept… Continue reading

Old Chevy

Pumpkin Patch Time

One of My Many Keyboards

I’m fortunate I get to play everyday

Old FORD Truck

I have passed this truck for years, always telling myself, “One day I’ll get a photo of it…”   Well, that day was today.  

More Rail Cars

Taken in Lancaster, SC.   Not far from where I live.   Old rail yard that looks more like a rail car graveyard.   Both sides of the street have old rusted box… Continue reading

Southern Rail Car

I live near a few abandoned rail lines.   Love that there are rail cars still on these tracks.    A graffiti artists’ heaven, for sure.    I just like the photo opps.… Continue reading

Anyone Hungry?

Was hoping to actually stop in at this place.   Was closed.  Had been for years, apparently.    I like trying the “Mom and Pop” shops when I’m in a town I’ve never… Continue reading

Lancaster, SC Art District


Interesting Cross Art in Lancaster, SC.    There were 3 crosses (makes sense).   I liked this one the best…


Love walking around downtown areas with my camera in hand.  Neat little district here.   

Rusted Sign

Can NEVER pass up taking photos of old signs.   They are far and few between.  

2 Old Ford Falcons

My dad had 2 of these when I was younger.   Fond memories of driving around in that car.    Whenever I find one of these on the side of the road, I… Continue reading

Quiet Town

Once a bustling city, Great Falls, SC is now in economic despair.  High unemployment rates haunt this once great textile town.   Empty factories  litter the landscape as main street storefronts sit barren.… Continue reading

His & Hers

In the town where I live, I pass these 2 bikes that are propped up along the roadside.   Every time I pass them, I say to myself, “I need to get a… Continue reading

Left Alone

Old Ford

A Fixer Upper

What a gorgeous house though.   Good bones, for sure. 

Forever a Kid Part II

Elk River Falls

Breathtaking beauty

Forever A Kid… I nailed the BELLY-FLOP!

I refuse to grow up….

Elk River Falls, Elk Park NC

I took the kids here yesterday.  We spent 8 hours in the water.   What a blast!

For Sale

Love when I’m driving around and I come across a photo-find like this.    A good day

Daddy Long-Legs

Not a fan of them.

Morning Sun

Elm Silhouette

I got out yesterday for a nice morning hike.   Had my camera in-tow.    A good day

Metal Rooster

The cock of the walk…   to quote Bruce Dickinson.

Metal Cat Art

Nothing but Roses

The gardens at Biltmore Estates had THOUSANDS (and I’m being conservative) of roses on the property.   Gorgeous.

Tropical Tree

Reminds me of of a peacocks feathers for some reason

Metal VW Bus @ Biltmore

So many cool metal pieces of art for sale.

Metal Horses @ Biltmore Estates

Took a weekend trip to the Biltmore Estates in Asheville, NC.   If you’ve never been it’s an amazing place.

Car Graveyard

So many relics…  This is just one of them on a stretch of the Virginia countryside.

The Songwriter in me…

Wild Flowers

Road-side Relic

Magic in Music


Winter-time nature at its best…

Through the Pines

There are some woods behind my house and yesterday I made it out while the temps were still under 32 degrees.  Got some great shots, this being one of them.    Pine trees… Continue reading


I love a good snow storm.   We had more of an ice event here in the Carolinas, but it still made for some great photo opps.   It’s been a while it… Continue reading


Was in a neighboring city last weekend to watch my daughter and her Winter Guard ensemble participate in the 22nd annual Martin Luther King parade.   She did a great job.   Before… Continue reading

Good To The Last Drop

Cat’s Eyes

I was out “exploring” with my 2 kids in the woods behind my house.   They wanted to see the snow in all its glory, so off we went.   While out, all… Continue reading

Icy Pines

No caption needed here.  Just pure snow beauty.

Snowy Creek Bank

We got a bit of snow (and by a “bit,” I mean a TRACE), but it still made for some great photo opps for me this morning.  I love getting out with my… Continue reading

View of a Valley

Western NC has some beautiful scenery.  I could spend all day with my camera here.   All day.  

Reflections from a Creek

There’s a local park I like to go to and photograph what I see there.   There is a HUGE lake where boaters and fishermen can enjoy their crafts.   I’ll enjoy mine… Continue reading

Off in the Distance

Located in Staunton, Virginia.   I was driving through and pulled over to take this shot.   Chilly morning, but the clouds were low and really moving.   As if a storm was… Continue reading

Your Guess is My Guess

What do you think this building was back in the day?  A Jail?   A Post Office?   A General Store?  I have no idea.   Love the aged wood though on the… Continue reading


I’m a sucker for old signage like this.   Can’t get enough of it.   Such amazing aging and details that start to appear over time.   Each year would be a different… Continue reading

Colonial Farmhouse

Nestled along a country road in West (By GOD) Virginia sits this gem.   Wow!   What detail in that chimney and front porch.   Would love to walk through this historic house.… Continue reading

A Corn Maize

Closed for the season, this Corn Maize I’m sure does a booming business.   Located near Quicksburg, VA.   The covered bridge I photographed sits adjacent to this property, so I’m sure it’s… Continue reading

Inside a Covered Bridge

There are so few of these covered bridges left in the Virginia, Maryland area.   Sad.   They are a work of beauty and so majestic.   Glad I saw this one from… Continue reading

One More Farmhouse Photo

Located near the intersection of Interstates 77 and 81 in Virginia.   Galena is the nearest city I guess in relation to this locale.   What a wonderful area full of rich history and… Continue reading

A Fixer-Upper

Such a beautiful house in such sad disrepair.   So much work would be needed, but the house has good “bones” and it would be a fun project.  

Pulaski, Part II

County building here in Pulaski, Va.   Neat old town, for sure.

Pulaski, Virginia

Years ago I did a 58-mile bike ride that started in Pulaski, Va that ran down to Galax, Va.   The actual town of Pulaski looks to be pretty old.   I stopped… Continue reading

Rustic Mailbox

A simple mailbox.  So much detail.   I was out driving and saw a barn that I wanted to photograph and as I came up on the property of the barn, I noticed… Continue reading

Part Stone, Part Wood

Interesting set of materials here with this barn.  Stone and wood sides with a metal roof.    Looks to be pretty well built as I’m sure this barn is close to 100 years… Continue reading

Luray Caverns Barn

Nestled in the Virginia countryside is Luray Caverns.   I have never been there, but it’s on the bucket list.   This barn sits off the access road to the Caverns.   The… Continue reading


Rustic gas pump that hasn’t seen any action in quite sometime, I’m sure.   The price of gas can’t even go to 3 digits.  I barely remember gas under a $1.   It’s… Continue reading

Fill ‘Er Up

This gas pump was on the property where I found the Haunted Mill.   I love old finds like this.   The price of gas was $0.69/gal.   Been a while since we’ve… Continue reading

Breakfast anyone?

I’ve passed this Cafe numerous times.  Never eaten here, but it looks like the food would be “stick to your ribs” good!   Colorful building too.   Love old iconic buildings like this.… Continue reading

Old Farmhouse

I could have spent all day driving around the Virginia countryside finding old Farm houses like this to photograph.   So many to choose from.   I was (subliminally) drooling at the photo… Continue reading

Haunted (Looking) Mill

Pictures are worth a thousand words they say… some are worth more.   This is one of those.    

Virginia Countryside Covered Bridge

When I used to live in Maryland, I had photographed the 3 remaining covered bridges in the county and surrounding counties.  Imagine my surprise and joy to stumble across this beauty?    Simply… Continue reading

Haunted Mill, Part II

These 2 buildings were actually connected with a walkway type bridge.   One of the eeriest sites I’ve ever photographed.   Texas Chainsaw Massacre type setting.    How cool?!   I was cautiously… Continue reading

Haunted Looking Mill

I was traveling for the Christmas Holiday and came across that AMAZINGLY HAUNTED-LOOKING Mill.  I spent a good 30 minutes here shooting away with my camera.   Hard to see is the river… Continue reading

Mid 70’s Temps on Christmas Eve

The Peppermint Tree my daughter made last year is MELTING due to the high humidity we’re having here in the Carolina’s this holiday season.   I woke up to 68 degree weather on… Continue reading

Christmas Ornament

I have pics of my kids in these.   They’d kill me if I posted pics of them nowadays.   Back when they were little though (not teenagers like they are now), they… Continue reading

Snowman Ornament #2

I have pics of my kids in these.   They’d kill me if I posted pics of them nowadays.   Back when they were little though (not teenagers like they are now), they… Continue reading

A Music Quote

The Super Deluxe 8

Hood ornaments.   Classic.   They don’t make them like this anymore.   I wonder 50 years from now, what will auto graveyards look like?   No rusted beauties like this one.  


I must have spent 2 hours at this locale.   So many rusted parts, signs, cars, etc.   A photographer’s “heaven.”   

Ford Tow-Truck

Found this gem on a back road behind an auto repair place.    Way cool aging on this tow-truck.  

A Warm December

Autumn is not loosening its grip here at all in the Carolinas and I’m not complaining one bit.   55 degree mornings work for me.  A cold front is moving in tonight, so… Continue reading

Hometown Antique Store

I was home for Thanksgiving last month and got out a few times with my camera.   Stopped by the “olde” section of town and got a few “keepers.”


More fireplace mantle Stocking holders.   My kids love these.  

The Tree Is Decorated

I have never been a fan of decorating the Christmas tree, but as I grow older I do enjoy it more and more.   My kids (and a friend of my daughters) helped… Continue reading

Christmas Around The House

I finally have a house with a REAL (not gas) fireplace.  Mantle, hearth and all!   I picked up these Stocking hooks last year.   Love how I get to display my kids’… Continue reading

They Don’t Make Them Like This Anymore

This photo reminds me of a quote I saw the other day…   “You’re old….”    “Yeah, but I got to see all the GREAT bands…” The same holds true here.   Sure,… Continue reading

Steps To The Grave (yard)…

Back in October and November, I was fascinated with graveyard shots…(I still am, just have toned it down…)   Where I work is this very old (1800’s) graveyard.   I pass it  most… Continue reading

Frozen in Time

The city I live in just opened a new park that they have been building for over a year now.   Very nice.   Lots of water features, including the fountain photographed here.… Continue reading

Water Drops In Wintertime

Macro photography always interests me.   So much detail.   It makes you look at ordinary objects in an extraordinary way.   Water droplets in Winter is an example here.  

Lonely Bicycle

Posting a shot I took while on vacation for Thanksgiving.   I got out each day with my camera and was happy I did.   Being a cyclist myself, I love when I… Continue reading

Outdoor Bistro

Looks like an inviting place to sit and chat while enjoying a nice cup of coffee.   Love the details on the wall/walkway.   

Lock vs. Hinge

What good is a lock if the hinge won’t hold?   🙂    This was the scene at an abandoned house along the road on my way up to visit my parents for… Continue reading

All By Itself

Standing alone in a field is this beauty.  You can’t tell from the photo here, but inside the barn is at least one old classic car.    Would love to get my hands… Continue reading

So Many Barns

I forgot how many barns dot the landscape near where my parents live.   So glad I was able to get out and take a ton of pictures.   Can never get tired… Continue reading

Afternoon Sun

The lighting was perfect when I came across this barn near my old hometown.   This is one of many barns for a Nursery that exists on the land it sits on.  I… Continue reading

Road Art

I doubled back when I initially passed these old cars on the side of the road.   I  probably spent 20 minutes taking pics from all angles.   My only disappointment was that… Continue reading

1955 Ford

They don’t make them like this anymore!   What a find I discovered while driving off the main highway.   Why drive on the highway when you can take the back roads and… Continue reading

Haunted Moon

I’ve never mastered (or  come close to) the art of photographing the moon at night.   I took this shot more for my daughter who just LOVES the silhouetted branches here.  Very HALLOWEEN-ISH… Continue reading


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